Chapter 558 (Teaser)

“Cough cough! I-I’m really sorry. In this situation... I don’t want to hold your ankles.”

Sticks coughed while looking like someone who was about to die. However, he apologized because he was more worried about Overgeared than himself. It was a good attitude that Grid liked.

'It’s because I made him use Mass Teleport several times...’

It was meaningless to be irritated. He wasn’t in a position to worry about Sticks’ sickness, but he couldn’t help feeling sorry and worried. Grid controlled his mind and smiled benevolently.

“Please don’t worry and just focus on recovery. You have to live a long and healthy life in order to pass on all your knowledge to my son.”


Sticks’ voice trembled. The pointed ears that symbolized a high elf shook! The beautiful face turned red. He was moved by the words ‘long and healthy.’ Grid interpreted it this way but the reason for Sticks’ response was different from what he expected.

“Only wanting me to give knowledge to young Lord... Does that mean you want me to live a short life? Huh? Do you want me to die early? I don’t want to...”


As a high elf, Sticks had a strong commitment to life. He was 983 years old. There was a moment of awkward silence before...

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