Chapter 557 (Teaser)

‘Was he called Duke Lucilliv? The commander of this army is pretentious.’

The procession of 100,000 Eternal soldiers. The golden armor of the soldiers in the lead flashed in the sun. Tung! The relentless sound of drums shook the sky. This was the momentum of a great army. Anyone would be overwhelmed by the greatness. But it was just their appearance.

Most of the soldiers, apart from the ones in the lead, were wearing old leather armor, and their uneven marching was masked by the sound of the drums. The reason was simple. Half of the 100,000 soldiers weren’t professionals. More than half of them were rabble who hadn’t even completed basic training.

“How rotten... Why are we supposed to be involved in a battle between nobles?”

“What type of noble would attack the king? Shouldn’t the people unconditionally listen to the king?”

"What does it matter if the king is betrayed if we starve to death?”

The lowest class. They were always poor and hungry. They weren’t educated and didn’t have a lot of patriotism. Their purpose in life was just surviving.

“Hah... Who will take care of my family without me? My pregnant wife is caring for our kids alone...”

"Geez, wearing armor and carrying a spear is really difficult at this...

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