Chapter 555 (Teaser)

"That was a normal attack.”


A normal attack? Bubat had pride as a tanker. If there was a defense power rankings, he was sure that he would be in the top 50. Yet a normal attack dealt nearly 10,000 damage?


Jishuka’s arrow was accompanied by a great deal of fire damage and splash damage. There was a normal attack with such powerful features in the world? It wasn’t possible even for Kraugel, who had the strongest legendary class Sword Saint. Of course this was a skill attack. It couldn’t be a normal attack.

"Do you think I’m a fool?”

Bubat’s face turned red when distorted by pain. He was infuriated that Jishuka was making fun of him. The Yak members immediately stopped him from running towards the walls.

“We have to run away!”

"Don’t fall for that lowly provocation!”


Bubat barely suppressed his anger. He remembered that he would die if he delayed the time.

“Jishuka! I’m not avoiding you because I’m afraid! You know! In a one-on-one fight, you would be stuck in the ground next to Regas!”

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