Chapter 552 (Teaser)

'The Red Phoenix Bow is the strongest weapon.’

Grid thought this. Was it because he always did his best and wanted to be rewarded for his efforts? No, his faith didn’t come from such a vague thing. It was an absolute conviction because of several reasons.

‘The first evidence.’

The quality of the design was the best ever. The original version of the Red Phoenix Bow was likely to be myth rated.

‘The second evidence.’

The quality of the materials used in the production was the best ever. The white phosphorus wood and Red Phoenix Breath. In particular, the material called the Red Phoenix Breath was likely to be equivalent to adamantium.  Adamantium was a mineral that was collected from the world of the gods. In other words, the Red Phoenix Breath was a by-product of a god. It was a ‘part of a god.’ 

‘The third evidence.’

Grid’s concentration was at its highest level. The effect of the Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience had activated four times over the last three days. It was the first time since he became Pagma's Successor.

‘Thanks to the Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience, I’m not tired at all and can devote myself to working without a break.’

It was a feast of the best conditions! They...

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