Chapter 548 (Teaser)

[Reclaim Borneo]

Level of Difficulty: Varies depending on the competency.

Borneo has been captured by the Overgeared Guild.

Borneo is a fortified city on the border of the Eternal Kingdom and is a vital base for the defense of the Gauss Kingdom.

King Cactus has commanded you.

Recapture Borneo and wipeout the malicious group Overgeared that dared to invade the territory of the Gauss Kingdom. Those who are loyal to the kingdom will gain reasonable rewards!

User Restriction: Level 130 or higher.

Quest Victory Conditions: Recapture Borneo in three days before the food supply runs out.

Quest Victory Reward: 1 level. A 10% increase in experience for all skills. One unique rated weapon and one epic rated armor.

* Additional compensation will be received if you defeat NPCs or players belonging to Overgeared.

“This is great. It’s comparable to the rewards for the SS grade quest that I saw on the air.”

"This is a war. I covet the rewards, but it isn’t possible with the Overgeared members running around.”

"In the first place, there aren’t any quests with a 100% chance of success.”

It was...

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