Chapter 547 (Teaser)


Food and shelter. They were the basic elements of human life and a source of human pleasure. It was hard for humans to live when they lacked food and shelter. They were beings that desired a bigger and nicer house, more expensive clothes, and more delicious food.

However, Grid boldly gave up on this. His desire to be stronger was larger than his desire to eat good food. Of course, it wasn't that easy.

“Cough cough! Damn Idan! How can the beef sirloin he cooks taste like shit?”

The bathroom in Idan's restaurant. Grid was tearful and had a runny nose. It was the aftermath of vomiting up the garbage food. The terrible thing was that his stats didn’t go up despite eating such trash. Grid felt resentful of this world that was filled with the concept of probability. It was enough to make him tremble. 

“But in the end, I’m the one who chose to eat Idan’s food... The result might be bad, but I feel no regret about my choice.”

He couldn’t look serious talking while he was still vomiting. However, Grid had pride in himself. He maintained his patience and perseverance until he got the results he wanted. He was now aware that this wasn’t something everyone could do.

“Well... The good news is that my empty stomach is resolved.”

His stamina had been restored to normal.

Spit spit. Grid left and headed straight...

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