Chapter 546 (Teaser)

Capture or kill Arube?

If 100 players were given the ‘Location of the Red Phoenix Bow’ quest, 100 out of 100 would’ve chosen to capture Arube. It was natural. Capturing Arube would allow them to win the Red Phoenix Bow. Wasn’t it strongest battle gear? People wouldn’t be foolish enough to kill Arube just for a rise in level.

'...I’m a stupid jerk.’

How many of the two billion users would think that being too strong could be a sin? Grid accidentally killed Arube. He got two levels and Arube’s items in exchange, but he couldn’t help feeling depressed.


Grid’s shoulders were slumped as he used the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal on the Unknown Mark and Arube’s Ring. Grid didn’t have high expectations. These were items that wouldn’t have been revealed to the world unless Arube was killed. In other words, it was unlikely that the items would be too good. 

"Still, he was a named NPC so it wouldn’t be garbage... Eh?”

Grid’s footsteps stopped as he checked the item details. He was so surprised by the outcome that his body stiffened like a stone statue.

[The blacksmith who became a...

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