Chapter 544 (Teaser)

There were surprisingly many players who chose the soldier class. They could receive a stable income and quests from the military, as well as learn new skills according to their rank. Few classes could learn as many skills as soldiers.  Of course, this didn’t mean it was the best. There were a lot more disadvantages.

An example was that they had limited freedom. They needed to enter the game at certain times to attend military training. Quests given from superiors had to be unconditionally performed. They had to follow the principles of command and free travel was also impossible.

Therefore, there was a question. Why choose a soldier when playing the game?  Was it fun to live a controlled life? How could it be fun? The majority of people saw the soldier class negatively. But some people had different thoughts. There were some people who appreciated the merits of the soldier class.

Most of them were ambitious. It was possible for a soldier to be promoted according to their ability, and they were a class with the possibility to gain a lot of power. The players who chose the soldier...

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