Chapter 542 (Teaser)

[You have defeated an armored needle.]

[121,599,800 experience has been acquired.]

[Number of armored needles killed: 2/10]

‘This is delicious hunting.’

The experience given by the armored needle was more than two times higher than that of the true blood vampires. Compared to the junior vampires in the cities, they gave 30 times more experience. Thanks to that, Grid reached level 322 and was rapidly gaining experience.

But it was difficult to recognize Pangea Castle’s dungeon as an ideal hunting ground. It was because the armored needles didn’t often appear.

“It’s like Sua said.’

Armored needles were monsters who acted on their own. The first encounter with six of them was a special case. The Red Phoenix group were filled with a sense of security at infrequently encountering one armored needle, while Grid felt large regret.

‘It would be good if they constantly respawned two at a time.’

He wanted to acquire a lot of silver thread. Grid felt impatient and anxious. If he combined all his titles, Grid’s dexterity was exactly 3,723. He could control a maximum of 10 silver threads, meaning he wasn’t satisfied with just two. He wanted to maximize his abilities by securing eight more silver threads quickly.


They walked around for 10 minutes and only encountered two armored needles. From...

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