Chapter 541 (Teaser)


It was an unfamiliar word to Sua and the Red Phoenix members. As they were feeling puzzled, the fused armored needle howled.


The fused armored needle had taken many lives with overwhelming strength. Today its position was the opposite. Grid was the hunter. For him who was aiming to be at the top of two billion users, the fused armored needle was nothing more than a mass of experience.

"You’re weak.”

Grid laughed at the fused armored needle. The fact that he had been hit by the silver thread had long since disappeared from his memories.

Puk! Seokeok! Puk.

Grid’s Failure cut and stabbed at the armored needle. The increased 20% attack damage in the darkness caused the +9 Failure to be overwhelming.


The blood of the fused armored needle rose like a fountain. Grid couldn’t tolerate being hit by that much blood. He tried to avoid as much blood as possible while blocking the rest with the God Hands.


The blood that came into contact with the God Hands evaporated and disappeared.


The smile didn’t leave Grid’s face as he looked at the fused armored needle through the gap in the golden fingers.

‘This game is truly about items.’

The armored...

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