Chapter 537 (Teaser)

Rare treasures, herbs, and various battle gear could be obtained from the dungeon underneath Pangea’s castle. In particular, people coveted the silver thread produced by the armored needles and called Pangea’s dungeon a treasure house. It was a land of opportunity that everyone wanted access to.

Pangea’s knights and soldiers were exasperated by this. The castle’s dungeon was a treasure house? A land of opportunity? It was all crazy talk. The castle’s dungeon was hell. It was the worst place on this earth that was filled with powerful and atrocious monsters.

Today, and tomorrow as well. The knights and soldiers had to go on expeditions to stop the monsters in the dungeon from looking for trouble in Pangea. They risked their lives, and now those seeking riches demanded entrance to the dungeon. A volunteer with no combat skills was just a burden on them. For example, these blacksmiths.

‘These blacksmiths have no shame.’

Grid and White arrived with Han Seokbong. The blacksmiths who won this year’s competition were enemies in the eyes of the knights. They...

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