Chapter 533 (Teaser)

There was a clear similarity between the Red Phoenix Bow that Grid imagined and the one that the White Hammer blacksmiths designed. The bow was white and created powerful flames. It was the decisive moment when Grid was convinced that the main material of the Red Phoenix Bow was the white phosphorus wood.

The white phosphorus wood was hard and comparable to dragon iron. However, it was also lightweight and generated its own powerful flames. It was suitable to use as a material for the Red Phoenix Bow. However, the other blacksmiths of Pangea never thought about using the white phosphorus wood. Very few people expected the material of the Red Phoenix Bow to be white phosphorus wood.

Were they stupid? No. It was just common sense. The white phosphorus tree was something that could never be cut down by a blacksmith. No, it was common sense everywhere in the world. No one would think of making something with the white phosphorus wood.

But Grid did it. He was the only person in the world who could cut down the white...

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