Chapter 531 (Teaser)


The White Hammer blacksmiths called out, but White didn’t respond. He sat to one side with his head bowed. He was trembling with shame after Enoch laughed at him. The White Hammer blacksmiths were worried. The ashamed White turned away from them. Grid approached White with a frown.

“Is there time to be doing this?”


"If you’re upset, pay it back. There’s no time to be absentminded. Do your best with your skills.”

Grid had contempt for bullies. It was because he had once been ignored and despised by people. That’s how he could sympathize with White’s heart. Blacksmith’s Affection also added to the feeling of wanting to help White.

"If you don’t like that feeling in your chest, blow it away. Then I’ll get right to the point. Pull it out. The design of the Red Phoenix that you envisioned.”

“Huh? U-Understood.”

White wanted Grid’s help with the bellows. It was his only task. There was no need for him to see the design....

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