Chapter 530 (Teaser)

“What benefits will be received from winning the competition?”

“We will be able to exclusively deliver battle gear to the lord for a year. We will also be featured in the recommendation to tourists and will earn a huge amount of revenue as a result.”

Pangea was twice as big as Reidan, the second largest city in the Eternal Kingdom. Unlike Reidan, it was constantly full and had a high floating population. The smithy that won this competition could indeed amass a large amount of wealth. They would be honored as the best blacksmiths of Pangea, so winning the blacksmith competition was the dream of all blacksmiths in Pangea. But that wasn’t White’s only purpose.

“And... We become qualified to enter the dungeon of the lord’s castle.”

“The dungeon of the lord’s castle?”

In fact, there were castles that contained dungeons. Chris’ territory was an example. Chris was famous for having a vampire boss that appeared in his castle’s underground dungeon and accumulating elixirs. As it happened, Grid’s territories didn’t have a private dungeon.

‘I heard that a castle’s dungeon is also a good place to collect rare items...’

Lauel’s strengthening...

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