Chapter 529 (Teaser)


Grid was surprised because the bustling crowd on the street all sat down. Tens of thousands of people. The festive atmosphere became as silent as a dead mouse. It was an unbelievable and unrealistic thing to experience.


The cause of the sudden silence! Grid got goosebumps as he watched the group of people that appeared in the center of the street. The group walked past the bowing crowd. They wore blue daoist robes and had long black hair tied up. It was exactly the same appearance as the Pagma that Randy copied in the Mysterious Forest.

‘These people are?’

The men in robes boasted a beautiful appearance. Why did they look so much like Pagma, and why did people bow before them? Someone poked Grid’s side. It was a regular NPC. His head was bowed and he was shaking. It seemed like he was afraid to be noticed by the robed men.

"Not bowing before the yangban, are you crazy? Do you have 10 lives?” (Wiki Lin...

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