Chapter 527 (Teaser)

Mook had considered himself a lucky person. He had felt confident about this since encountering Fog Island on the 7th island of the Behen Archipelago. However, that idea had changed since coming to the East Continent. It was a environment different from what he expected. The difficulty was beyond imagination. Due to this, Mook was isolated in Pangea for a month.

‘Ah, I really have no luck.’

He crossed over to the East Continent just to run errands for the NPCs and take care of easy mobs? The situation was different from what he imagined. It would have been better if he hadn’t come here. The days when he was a high ranking player on the West Continent were much more interesting.

It was bad luck, not good luck, that he encountered Fog Island. This damn East Continent, he wanted to get away from it. But it wasn’t a decision that could be easily made. Mook only had two East Continent Portal Scrolls. It was a phenomenon caused by lacking points because he encountered Fog Island too...

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