Chapter 526 (Teaser)

The means of moving from the West Continent to the East Continent was estimated to be very diverse. But to date, the only clear method was to use the Behen Archipelago.

This was a difficult task.

How many people had used the Behen Archipelago to cross over to the East Continent? Over the past three years, there had been only 30. This was 30 out of two billion users. Behen Archipelago was a one player instant dungeon. It was an area difficult to break through, making a person feel pride just from reaching the 10th island.

In other words, the players who made it to the East Continent were great. Of course, there were some exceptions. There were a few ‘lucky’ enough to meet Fog Island early on and managed to cross over to the East Continent.


‘I was the strongest on the West Continent.’

‘Who would’ve imagined that I couldn’t even leave the starter village?'

‘Shit, my bad luck. If I knew the East Continent was this type of place, I would’ve never come.’

‘I thought I was lucky to meet Fog Island earlier than others...’ 

A shabby tavern on Pangea’s North Street. There were some men who were lamenting. The...

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