Chapter 525 (Teaser)

‘I was wondering why there wasn’t a function to turn off taste every time I drank a bitter potion...’

The bitter taste of potions was one of the barriers of entry in Satisfy. In particular, a few people tried to turn off their taste function because they disliked the bitter taste. But the S.A. Group didn’t accept their request. The sense of taste was one of Satisfy’s best features that created a sense of reality. They didn’t want to give the players the authority to lower their immersion. But at this moment, Grid interpreted it differently.

'I can’t turn off the taste function and have to suffer from eating the food that Idan made... In other words, it sucks.’

There was a pervert among the Satisfy crew. Grid was sure of it and asked the employee for a cup of tea. He needed something to get rid of the subtle sensation of dirt on his tongue.

“Water... No, I don’t think that will work. Give me the cheapest herbal tea.”

"The cheapest herbal...

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