Chapter 524 (Teaser)

Players no longer discussed the Seven Guilds.

One force was stronger than the Seven Guilds combined. From that time on, the Seven Guilds lost their majesty. Far from getting the title of the strongest, the Seven Guilds gradually declined. They were more inundated with requests to leave than to join.

“We will remove ourselves from the alliance.”

The French representative, Bondre.

Until he met Grid in the National Competition, he was the 1st ranked ice mystic with the nickname of ‘undefeated.’ He was also the master of the strongest magician group, Ice Flower. Now he expressed his intention to withdraw from the alliance.

The leaders of the guilds in the Seven Guilds didn’t stop him. However, Bondre’s declaration of withdrawal became an ignition point. The other guild masters also declared their intentions to leave the alliance. It wasn’t necessary to obsess over the alliance that had become obsolete.

Zibal, the leader of the alliance, was the same.

“I won’t stop them.”

Zibal had changed since the 2nd National Competition. In raids and hunting,...

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