Chapter 523 (Teaser)


Grid had question marks as he checked the information of the hidden passive skill God's Command. A bell rang. It was truly shocking.

“I-It is good but...” 

This was why the cooldown of Linked Kill and Linked Kill Wave was reset.


It truly had the best value. It was comparable to the time when he obtained Pagma's Successor and the Legendary Great Magician classes.

‘I never thought Dominion’s blessing would be such a big help.’

During the Pope Drevigo episode, he obtained blessings from Rebecca, Judar, and Dominion. All three blessings were on the pavranium and buffed Grid. Rebecca’s Blessing increased the speed of health recovery by 300%, Dominion’s Blessing increased attack power by 15%, and Judar’s Blessing increased defense by 15%. At this point, Grid could make one guess.

‘Dominion’s Blessing is one of the three major passive attack power buffs...’

Judar’s Blessing was one of the three major passive defense buff...

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