Chapter 521 (Teaser)

[You have taken a high grade mana potion.]


The alchemy facility in Reidan produced the superior mana potion. If he could take it, Grid would’ve filled up all his mana with only one potion. But the high grade potion only filled half his mana.

‘That Rabbit...’

Before going to the East Continent. When Grid had requested the potion, Rabbit couldn’t raise his head.

‘The potions we have built up over the last few months has been depleted because they were supplied to the Overgeared members who participated in the war. I’m sorry.’

Damn alchemy! He had questioned the value of the facility ever since the ‘coolness’ option was attached to Iyarugt. Reidan’s economy had recovered and was growing, but Rabbit still had an obsession with alchemy.

‘There is little effectiveness and it’s just wasting money.’

However, the higher the level of alchemy, the more types of options that could be attached to...

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