Chapter 520 (Teaser)

[Assimilation has been used.]

[You have become one with Braham’s soul. Control of your body has been given to Braham.]

[Your class will be changed from Pagma's Successor to Legendary Great Magician.]

[Braham is searching for intelligence related items.]

[Malacus’ Cloak has been equipped.]

[The Holy Light Crown has been equipped.]

[There are no wearable items.]


The moment that Grid used Assimilation. The angular jaw full of muscular beauty became thinner and the muscled shoulders and forearms changed.


White hair flowed down underneath the crown. The white skin contrasted with the ruby eyes, creating a mysterious atmosphere. It was the emergence of the legendary great magician Braham, who was once a vampire.

“I never thought this body would be used to get rid of rats. It’s refreshing.”

Braham laughed with an arrogant attitude. Grid prompted him three...

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