Chapter 519 (Teaser)

[Big Poisonous Rat’s Frying Pan]

Durability: 5/9 Attack Power: 2

* When equipped, Beginner Cooking skill Lv.1 will be generated.

A favorite cooking tool for the big poisonous rats.

The big poisonous rats cook all types of food in this frying pan and use it as tableware at the same time.

It is a frying pan made with coarse technology, but it’s better than nothing.

Conditions of Use: None. 

Weight: 70

“...How did this happen?”

He thought it was Idan’s frying pan. But it turned out to be the hamster’s frying pan. Grid was baffled.

"No, this is ridiculous. Where in the world is there a hamster that cooks with a frying pan?"

Of course, he knew that the intelligence of the big poisonous rats was very high because he experienced it himself. Looking at the language skills and living standards, they seemed much better than orcs or goblins. But in order to create tools, the concept itself was...

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