Chapter 516 (Teaser)

“Then I’m going.”

The first thing Grid did after leaving the smithy was to set an alarm. It was an alarm so that he would return in time for the battlegear production competition held in three days.

“I’m anticipating it...”

Grid definitely had to watch the competition.

White said that the skills of the blacksmiths participation in the competition were great.

‘The Black Anvil smithy specializes in tanning, the Red Tongs smithy in quenching, and the Blue Flames smithy in the furnace processes?’

It was just like the blacksmiths of the White Hammer smithy being exceptional in forging.

‘This will be a good study.’

Grid had inherited Pagma’s techniques, but his overall experience and knowledge tended to be lacking. The blacksmiths of the East Continent had built up their know-how for many years. Just like with the White Hammer smithy, Grid was expected to be able to learn new things from the competition.

‘I can’t be conceited despite being a legendary blacksmith!’

The proud Grid wanted...

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