Chapter 514 (Teaser)

‘This isn’t the time to lose your mind.’ Then Braham’s voice entered Grid’s ears. ‘Isn’t the duration of the immortal passive only 5 seconds?’

Gold? No, this time was more valuable than a diamond. Grid needed to actively utilize this limited time.

“Thank you.”

Grid recovered thanks to Braham and immediately took action. He needed to confirm it.

‘First of all.’

Jjejeong! Jjang!

The first thing Grid did was to stab and slash at the damaged white phosphorus tree. It was to check if this damn tree was still hard or would explode after the fragment fell off. It was still hard and there was no explosion.

‘Is it correct to say it’s dead? It won’t explode if I throw them in the fire.’

The white phosphorus tree was just hard. If he assumed that it would burn, there wouldn’t be a problem if it was used as firewood.

‘I don’t understand the reasoning behind using this tree as firewood.’

Was there a special effect?

‘Of course there will b...

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