Chapter 513 (Teaser)

“It’s hard.”

The gravity of the East Continent was much stronger than the West Continent. As a result, Grid’s stamina, strength, and agility received a penalty. The aftermath of this was quite large. From the center of Pangea to the White Tree Forest. He was already exhausted after only one hour of running. He would’ve been fine for another 20 minutes on the West Continent.

‘It would’ve been relatively comfortable if I flew.’

But he didn’t use that method. Something annoying might notice him if he flew.

‘Huhuhut! Now I have become pretty smart!’

Grid was pleased with his development and caught sight of the white forest below the hill. A white forest that existed in the city. The scale wasn’t huge. There were roughly 1,000 trees densely packed together. It was beautiful. Like snow had fallen, the leaves were white and the forest looked like giant cotton from the distance.

‘It goes well with the old Korean-style houses outside the forest.’

It reminded him of a snowy winter landscape seen in historical dramas. At least this place gave him the Oriental feeling he was hoping...

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