Chapter 512 (Teaser)

‘Why is it so big?’

Grid was surprised due to Pangea’s scale.

‘I thought it would be a small village because it’s a starter village.’

It was the reverse. Pangea was large enough to be called a city. He couldn’t see an end to the wall, no matter how he turned his gaze. It seemed much bigger than Reidan, the second largest city in Eternal, with the population even being higher. Reidan was lacking in people, while everywhere in Pangea was crowded with people.

‘The lord here must have it good...’

He would be earning a lot from all the taxes the citizens were paying. Desert cities, fortified cities, etc. Grid only owned cities that didn’t possess a lot of money, making him feel envious.


Grid was constantly observing the area when he noticed something.

'There’s a lot of ethnic variety?’

Grid thought of the East Continent as Oriental. He imagined an Oriental style of living where the people had black hair and black eyes. However, while there were many inhabitants of Pangea who seemed Oriental, others were reminiscent of Westerners...

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