Chapter 510 (Teaser)

The current Grid was different from the Grid when Lord was born. He honed his control skills in the Behen Archipelago, gained combat experience from the National Competition, strengthened himself through items and raids, and raised his level in the vampire city.

Grid’s steady progress maximized the power of his stats, titles, and items, increasing the effectiveness of his five senses. It was enough to feel the presence of the king of shadows, Kasim, on the ceiling!

“Magic Detection!”


It was so weak that Grid couldn’t be certain, making him use magic. The magic was deployed throughout all of Lord’s bedroom.  He clearly caught Kasim’s presence on the ceiling.

“How dare you!?”

Hiding in his son’s bedroom! The furious Grid pulled out Iyarugt and Sword Ghost, aiming them at the ceiling. However, he couldn’t hit the target.


Grid was startled. The reaction speed of the person on the ceiling was so fast that he got the creeps.


His sense of alertness deepened....

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