Chapter 508 (Teaser)

After annihilating Borneo’s army and absorbing Patrian. Lauel took control of Borneo and looked at a map of Eternal.

“By conquering Patrian, we have succeeded in completely connecting the north and the west. From now on, we’ll use the resources produced in the north to defend against the empire’s invasion based on Reidan, the Eternal Kingdom’s invasion based on Patrian, and the Gauss Kingdom’s invasion based on Borneo.”

Reidan, Patrian, and Borneo were able to form a triangular defense zone. The disadvantage of having to disperse their troops was created, but there was the tremendous advantage of not having to worry about their rear. 

‘Looking at the current situation, we’ll be able to hold on for the next two years. If we hold on, there’s a chance to counterattack.’

The problem was Cokro Island, separated from the southern part of the Eternal Kingdom by the sea. It was impossible to protect it. Lauel made a painful decision.

"...Give up...

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