Chapter 507 (Teaser)

 “...Now I see.”

Earl Ashur realized as he watched Lauel execute all the prisoners of the Borneo army.

"The reason why the greedy and stupid Grid is able to solidify his position is due to this person.”

Lauel used the alliance with the Borneo army to not just occupy Patrian. He deserved to be accused, but it couldn’t be denied that he was excellent. Choosing the cruel means in order to achieve better results was especially great. Could Grid come up to his current position if it wasn’t for this person?

‘It wouldn’t have been possible.’

Earl Ashur denied it with certainty, making Bland speak.

"Father, with all due respect, Duke Grid isn’t incompetent. It’s true that Earl Lauel’s achievements are big, but his actions would be limited if Duke Grid was incompetent.”


Earl Ashur felt that his son was strange after reuniting after two years. Bland had a bad relationship with Grid and was also held hostage by Grid, yet he acknowledged Grid?

‘Grid even took Irene from him. Now...

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