Chapter 501 (Teaser)

"Let's go! Overgeared Skeletons!”

Clack! Clack clack clack!

Reidan’s desert. A black-haired man was crossing the desert with two skeletons.


"Ah!” Spit! Spit spit!

A young man felt pained as the wind blew sand into his eyes and mouth. Two skeletons followed obliviously behind him.


Clack clack! Clack!

The skeletons couldn’t withstand the pressure of the wind and their joints twisted in different directions. They were like gentle dancers as their limbs broke down.

[The Overgeared Skeletons have suffered catastrophic damage!]

[Overgeared Skeleton (1) has returned to the soil.]

[Overgeared Skeleton (2) has returned to the soil.]

[The Overgeared Skeletons won’t lose experience.]


After capturing the 8th city. Grid wanted to try hunting young scorpions in the desert with the skeletons. The level of the young scorpions was only 20~30. Rather than being classified as monsters, it was classified as a monster’s prey. If Grid supported them well, the Overgeared Skeletons could hunt them and raise their levels.

But what was this? The Overgeared Skeletons were destroyed...

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