Chapter 500 (Teaser)

1 year and 3 months in real time was 3 years and 9 months in game time. This was the period that Lauel had served Grid. From the first moment he realized Grid’s potential until now. For a long time, Lauel had worked harder for Overgeared than anyone else.

As any Satisfy player, he once dreamt of great achievements. It was to be the protagonist behind a kingdom construction.


It was difficult and painful. But that made him enjoy it even more. Grid and the Overgeared members. He had gone through many incidents and sufferings with his fellow colleagues. There were many crises, such as Grid naming the guild Overgeared, Grid naming the guild Overgeared, and Grid naming the guild Overgeared, but it was rewarding.


Lauel’s office. Lauel was filled with joyful emotions after his whispers to Grid and opened his eyes. Faker stood in front of him. As usual, he appeared without a sound. Lauel had adapted, so he asked without any surprise. “Have the results from the scouts arrived?”

The soldiers of Reidan had been trained...

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