Chapter 498 (Teaser)

[You have dealt 205,000 damage to the target.]

[20,500 fire damage will be dealt per second for 13 seconds.]

[The magic has been fired at close range. The explosion effect of Fireball is maximized.]

[You have dealt 410,000 damage to the target.]

[The blow has caused bleeding (large) in the target’s affected area.]

[The target has resisted.]

[The target has been affected by the ‘confused’ state.]

[The target has resisted.]


Grid dealt a counterattack to Latina. The mental shock she suffered was larger than the physical.

‘What? This guy with weak magic power...!?’

The direct descendants of Beriache inherently had high magic power. Among them, Latina’s magic power was exceptional. The humans classified as great magicians were just small fry in front of her. Then how did this human hit her with magic. There was no chance. It was impossible.

Yet Grid did it. He was someone with only 2,000 intelligence! Did Grid have something special?  No, it was because Braham’s pure magic was so powerful. The magic wasn’t called ‘enhanced’ for nothing. The white-haired Grid. In other words, Braham,...

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