Chapter 496 (Teaser)

"It isn’t the 6th floor.”

The 6th floor was the residence of Grid’s family. This was what Grid had said in a magazine interview. He lived independently in the penthouse.

"Yes, I’m aware of that. I have paid attention to Grid’s interviews. Since I’m also a Grid fan...”

"Haha, right now, most people are his fans.”

Thus, they needed to get Grid. Director Lee Gookrae and PD Park Jongsoo passed the 6th floor and headed straight to the 7th. The 7th floor was a rooftop. It was a rooftop with a lawn. There was a small pond with carp, a table made of high quality wood and impressive flowers swaying in the breeze. This garden scenery calmed the minds of anyone who saw it. It was beautiful.

At the end of the garden, there was a small house with an outer wall made of glass. This was Grid’s rumored penthouse.

“Wow... This is killing me.”

“I would like to live in a place like this someday. I think it will be possible in my next life.”

The experts commentated that Grid was an emerging ‘chaebol.’ (TL: A large family-owned business conglomerate.) 

Indeed, such a great person would...

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