Chapter 493 (Teaser)

 “Ah, this is the case.”

The secret of Grid’s leveling up speed was the ‘experience buff potion’ obtained from the Reputation Store. The moment that all the potions were consumed, Grid’s levelling speed would return to normal. In addition, it was estimated to be very soon. The chance of obtaining an experience buff potion from the so-called ‘drawing game’ was less than 1%, making it hard to secure in large quantities. The number of experience buff potions that Grid had was very limited.

People who read these articles felt refreshed. The question of Grid’s nonsensical levelling speed was solved. After feeling relieved, they felt deceived.

-It’s really nice that it isn’t a bug. The game is truly without bugs. And God Grid is a bit ahead.

-What ahead~ He is just relying on potions in the end~

-Class, items, and now potions -_-;; He really only depends on systems.

-Based on the content of the article, Grid’s levelling speed is very low without the experience buff potions.

-He was level 306 during the National Competition and it was the same a fortnight...

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