Chapter 492 (Teaser)

It was exactly 23 hours. Grid had gained two levels.

“What is this...?”

“This is nonsense!”

The world was overturned. The Satisfy experts, journalists, and people all over the world noticed it late. No one could understand Grid’s levelling speed. It was natural. How much time did it take level 300 players to gain one level?  The average was 10 days. It was also thanks to the newly discovered hunting grounds. Before that, it took 20 days to gain one level. Of course, this was on a real time basis. This was on the premise that they maintained their hunting time while sleeping.

However, Grid gained two levels in one day. It was a speed that couldn’t be accepted. It broke common sense.

“It doesn’t make sense, even considering the experience buff.”

“But Grid is very big. He’s in a position to use various special items. Who knows? He might be sweeping through the monsters because he made items that greatly increased the speed of hunting.”

"No, that doesn’t make sense.”

The experts calculated it. How could a level 307 user raise two levels in 23 hours? He needed to slaughter monsters that gave at least ‘3 million experience’ at a rate...

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