Chapter 490 (Teaser)

[You have suffered fatal damage!]

[You have become ‘stunned’.]

[You have resisted.]


Kraugel lost nine-tenths of his health in one blow. He endured the pain and hastily jumped back. Luck didn’t bother going after him. He was confident that he could kill Kraugel at any time.

"Level reset and stun resistance… Did you obtain a legendary class? In particular, it’s likely to be the first tier Sword Saint. Oh my, I need to tell Brother Ares to grow to the legendary rating quickly.”

The top players performed more quests than regular players and their information gathering was excellent. In particular, the Ares Guild’s main activity was invading and conquering cities, giving them many opportunities to gain old literature.

They had already identified many features of a legendary class.

"Well, it was somewhat expected. Still, it’s shocking that the immortal passive wasn’t activated. Did you collect around 20 titles?”

Even if Kraugel had titles that enhanced his health and defense, Luck was level 335. Kraugel was only just past level 100, so it was surprising that Luck couldn’t kill him in one blow. Kraugel regained his expressionless...

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