Chapter 485 (Teaser)


The main weapon that Grid focused on was a sword. Braham had expected Grid to create a sword. But a hammer? Grid explained to the confused Braham, "First of all, blunt weapons have a high accuracy.”

A blunt weapon could strike the enemy in every manner. There was no need to try to attack with one side like a sword or spear. In other words, it was very easy to use and the system guaranteed a high accuracy.

‘Certainly, it fits your purpose of making a weapon with high accuracy. But aren’t there obvious limitations to weapons that are easy to use?’

A blunt weapon was subject to the law of inertia because its center of gravity was to one side. It was to maximize the power, but the opportunities rarely came. In the course of attacking, evading, and counterattacking, weapons with weight focused on one side often acted as a poison. It was especially bad if the enemy was more skilled in fighting.

‘It’s difficult to find an opportunity to use the weight and can also lead to a loss in the center of gravity. Basically, it means the balance is a mess. Think about the reason why most people use a sword as a weapon. The sword is perfect in all aspects of offense and defense...’

"Hey, don’t you know a lot about weapons for a magician?”

He was like someone who collected all...

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