Chapter 484 (Teaser)


A mineral that could only be collected in the world of the gods, Asgard.

It has the strength, hardness, and brittleness desired by manufacturers. However, there is a limit.

It’s correct to say that it is a mineral close to perfection, but it can be tricky because of the strong divine power.

Smelting Conditions: Advanced Blacksmithing Level 7.

Weight: 30

‘Hoh, this is adamantium. Apart from pavranium, it could be called the best mineral along with bloodstones.’ Braham showed interest. 'What are you planning to make with this?’

“A weapon.”

In fact, he originally planned to strengthen his defense. He was able to cover his lacking physical defense without sacrificing the inherent performance if he sacrificed the adamantium to the Holy Light Set, which was classified as a light armor due to its lacking weight. Then the need to swap to Triple Layers would disappear and he could demonstrate the ideal tanking ability even if he fought against opponents...

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