Chapter 483 (Teaser)



Shortly after making love to Irene and talking with Faker. Grid was in Khan’s smithy when someone called out to him. It was Euphemina.

"What’s so important that you’re making a fuss?”

He faintly noticed.

‘Was there a positive result from Mumud’s Spellbook?’

But Grid wasn’t that expectant. He would just feel disappointed if the effect of Mumud’s Spellbook was less than expected. Grid was trying not to count the chickens before they hatched when Euphemina grabbed him. The small girl reminiscent of a squirrel fit comfortably against Grid’s wide chest.

Grid panicked at the abrupt embrace.

“H-Hey, what’s this all of a sudden?”

He might be a married man, but Grid was ignorant when it came to relationships. With the exception of Irene, he still wasn’t used to touching women’s skin. He hurriedly pulled Euphemina away, only for her to hug him again.

“Thank you...! Thank you very much!”

“...Ah.” She was happy enough to cry. It made him feel glad. "There’s no need to thank me. Congratulations.”

Grid smiled and stroked Euphemina’s blonde hair. Euphemina thought his big and solid hand felt good....

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