Chapter 481 (Teaser)

"May the sea god protect you.”

Maxong sent off Grid and the Overgeared members as they left the palace. The princes and hundreds of soldiers followed him. Their king had been in danger, and they felt a commitment to protect the king. Grid was dumbfounded. Who was Maxong? A person who turned away as the kingdom was invaded and the people died. He didn’t have any qualifications to be king. He deserved blame. Yet the princes and soldiers were loyal to him until the end.

‘He might’ve turned a blind eye to the people, but he is king. They’re showing absolute loyalty to Maxong just because he is king?’

Grid felt it was pitiful. The water clan were passive and foolish. He realized the reason why Siren didn’t develop.

“But it’s good from the position of a ruler.” Lauel whispered to him. It was like the voice of the devil. "The more loyal and stupid the people are, the more beneficial it is to the king. It’s really lucky that we obtained...

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