Chapter 480 (Teaser)

During the unexpected battle between Grid’s party and Maxong. Outside of the palace, the Blood Carnival members had been completely swept up. It was the result of the cooperation between the Overgeared members and the water clan.

"Aren’t there many expensive items? In particular, the items with additional PvP damage and defense. They aren’t easily found.”

"It’s because they’re enthusiastic about the PvP content. But generally, the level limit is too low for most of us to use.”

"Aren’t most of the Silver Knights members still in the 200s? Give it to them for a cheap price.”

"Show it to Grid before that. Maybe it will help him learn new production methods.”

"Yes, of course.”

Most of the Blood Carnival members had very high infamy, meaning there was a lot of dropped items. Some things were worthless, but there were a surprising few with high value. 1st Prince Paong and 3rd Prince Gulong came to the Overgeared members who were checking the loot.

“Thank you. Really, thank you.”

“Thanks to you, our kingdom...! The people were saved! Children, parents, lovers, and the elderly! They are saved thanks to you! Really...! Thank you very much!”

The princes kept nodding their...

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