Chapter 478 (Teaser)

[Summoning Sword Demon Iyarugt!]


The moment that Grid used the skill, Iyarugt let out a roar that was like thunder. A bloody light was emitted in all directions, barely missing Grid. It was a horrific force. Grid was unable to hold on to the sword!

“Ugh...! You disgraceful bastard!”

It tried to hit its master. Grid felt the need to educate the sword properly. However, it didn’t stop. Iyarugt broke away from Grid and rose into the sky. The translucent red color of the smelted bloodstone started to darken. It was a darkness darker than night.


Euphemina couldn’t help exclaiming. The ancient golden characters carved on the black Iyarugt were mysterious and beautiful. Grid, Lauel, and even Maxong were gripped by the sight.


Iyarugt didn’t move anymore. The light being emitted also calmed down and everything became silent.


It was static, like time had stopped. It felt like a moment or eternity.


The silence was broken. A red bead popped out from Iyarugt. Hell’s best swordsman,...

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