Chapter 477 (Teaser)

"I am the king of Siren. I am the sea. I embrace and swallow everything just by existing. Something like this... It doesn’t make sense to serve a human.”

Someone with a height of over 2 meters. Maxong, the impressive looking water clan king with aquamarine scales embedded on his body, finally responded. It was the first time his expression changed since losing his daughter. The emotion that could be seen from his changed expression was anger.

“You dare... Daring to spit at the king... Haven’t you experienced the fear of the sea?”


How big was the pearl? Maxong rose from the throne of white jade that was impossible to see in the mortal world.

“I won’t serve anyone! I am the only existence to be honored!"

Maxong’s voice contained a fearsome power. The soldiers who heard it grabbed their bleeding ears, and Euphemina and Lauel also stumbled.

[Maxong has cast ‘Wrath of the Water Clan’s King.’]

[In the voice of the chosen king, there is a dignity of the sea that the perpetrator can’t withstand...

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