Chapter 476 (Teaser)

The war hadn’t ended yet.

500 people in the Blood Carnival army had survived and were resisting.

It was a desperate level of resistance.

“We must survive...!”

Was it because they didn’t want to die? If they died, they would lose items and experience!

“Don’t retreat! Push fiercely!”

"There are less than 20 enemies! Consume their stamina!”

The resistance and morale of Blood Carnival gradually grew. A mouse pushed into a corner would fight back at the cat, and the Overgeared members felt pressure due to the large numbers. In these circumstances, Grid was still calm. He didn’t feel the slightest bit of tension. He even decided to leave the battlefield.

"Lauel, come with me and Euphemina to meet the water clan’s king.” Grid descended from the sky and said.

Lauel responded in an unwilling manner. “Must you meet him now? The war hasn't finished yet. Is it necessary to leave your position and risk your friends...?”

"Maxong, the water clan’s king, only leaves the bedroom once every three days. It’s currently this time. If not now, we’ll have...

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