Chapter 475 (Teaser)

Had they ever been hunted? If someone asked them this, the Blood Carnival members would answer ‘NO.’ They had always reigned at the top of the food chain. At least, until yesterday.

“Pant... Pant...! What are these monsters?”

Blood Carnival’s Marty’s face was white with terror. He was afraid because he’d accumulated a lot of infamy and now met enemies stronger than him.

‘I have to somehow escape.’

The loss of items was more fearful than the experience loss. The items he currently possessed were so expensive that half the money he earned in the past half a year would be blown away.


A boy swordsman called Ibellin. At this moment, the mercenaries hired for an expensive amount approached and Ibellin turned his gaze towards the arrow coming from the rear.


Marty accurately measured the timing and threw the bomb. It was a homemade bomb and its power was greater than single-target A-grade magic. Marty had raised his passive skill ‘Intermediate Bomb Throwing’ to level 9, so the throwing speed and accuracy...

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