Chapter 474 (Teaser)

“U... Ugh..."

She was attacked twice in the same place? It was also from a farmer!

“You, what is your identity?”

White had always prided herself on being the strongest player, so the farmer in front of her was a traumatic existence. It was too much to accept this from an ordinary farmer. But Piaro didn’t consider himself an ordinary farmer.

“I am a great farmer who serves Duke Grid.”

"Great...! Farmer!”

“That’s right.”

“Right... Eh? What? It just means a farmer in the end!”

“Is that so?”

‘This is nonsense! Is he crazy?’

Somehow, she felt like she shouldn’t face him. White stepped back from Piaro and suddenly recalled something while trying to get help from her colleagues.

‘The Seven Guilds invaded Reidan and were repelled by farmers.’

It was brief news. It was too absurd and White wasn’t interested in the Seven Guilds in the first place.

‘Thus, I couldn’t remember...’

Were the Seven Guilds really defeated...

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