Chapter 472 (Teaser)

"Hihit, how many replacement items do you have?”

Grid didn’t change his expression at Black’s question.

“Isn’t it at least more than your number of lives?”

In fact, Grid wasn’t worried if Black ended up having infinite resurrections. It was enough if he killed, killed, and killed again. He could raise his item experience, so it was killing two birds with one stone.

“Hi... Hihit...”

Black’s face became strained. The players she had met so far had shrank back from her infinite resurrections. She was afraid of Grid, who showed the attitude of ‘let’s experiment to see how many times you can resurrect.’ Grid was much more ignorant than Kraugel, but he gave her more pressure.


In the end, Black opted to retreat. She judged that Grid was a bad opponent. In such a situation, pride wasn’t a problem.


Black summoned a barrier of fire to block Grid’s path and his field of view. At the same time, Black used Fly to move through the air. However, Grid didn’t miss...

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