Chapter 471 (Teaser)

Pets had different ratings. Of course, the higher the rating, the more valuable the pet.

So how was this value calculated? Was it based on stats and skills? That’s right. Even appearance was added. A pretty, nice, and cute pet was rated higher than an ugly pet. However, the more important thing than abilities and appearance was their intelligence.

Pets that could only understand the follow the commands of attack, defense, movement, etc. were low rated, even if they had excellent stats and were pretty. They were difficult to utilize effectively. On the other hand, intelligent pets were different.

They fully understood their master’s words and thoughts and were able to carry out higher rated orders. Thus, they had a higher rating despite their stats being somewhat lower. They were much more useful than the low intelligence pets. This was why wyverns reigned as the ‘best pet’ for many years.

Wyverns had high stats and enough intelligence to understand their master’s thoughts. In...

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