Chapter 469 (Teaser)

-Grid, come to Siren right now.

-Why Siren?

He wanted to please Irene! Was there another husband in the world who thought so much about his wife? Grid was rushing forward when he stopped in place.

Lauel explained.

-The enemy has invaded. There are approximately 1,000 of them. Of those30 are third advancement users and one is a sun-grade. In other words, a person who is on a similar level to you.


Lauel’s words were tremendous. Grid smiled, but his eyes were pained.

-The invasion is a month earlier than scheduled. Okay, I’ll go right now.

He wanted to enjoy the reunion with Irene and Lord, but it was something he could do anytime. He could postpone it. Grid was worried about his colleagues being harmed and immediately wore Braham’s Boots. He paid attention to Lauel.

-Currently, whispering seems to be restricted within Siren. Communication with the advance team is intermittently interrupted. If you can’t whisper me on the way, don’t panic and go straight to Siren. I will go ahead and clean...

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